Naso sam sliku star uml

XMI - UML Import, Export (Unisys XMI support) Editing. Quick dialog Short-cut commands Multiple Undo/Redo Diagram overview Keyboard manipulations User-Interface. look and feel. Dockable windows Model Verification (based on UML well-formedness rules) Pattern Support. GoF, EJB patterns User-defined patterns. Computer Science; Unix/Linux/Windows System Administration, Networking, System Integration. As a newly launched project, StarUML NS has been mainly driven by developers who had created the StarUML. By strengthening the advantage of existing StarUML version and making up for the shortcoming of, the project’s goal wanted to be a modeling platform that could illustrate the modeling from possessed information, beyond UML modeling tool.5/5(1).

Naso sam sliku star uml

Jan 16,  · UML Overview UML Diagrams UML Overview Model, View and Diagram Model element • 소프트웨어 모델의 실제 정보를 가지는 요소 View element • 모델 요소를 시각적으로 표현하는 요소 Diagram • 뷰 요소들의 집합으로써 소프트웨어 모델의 한 단면(projection)을 보여 줌 Apply UML Standard Profile when creating items in Robustness # Problem on initial sizing of views (when importing StarUML 1 files) # Add Directed Link in Toolbox # Use cases provide a more user-centered approach for specifying requirements. Unified Modeling Language The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the industry-standard language for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of complex software systems. The UML: Is a language. Applies to modeling and systems.

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