Find out 4 macmillan material photocopiable firefox

Brainstorm why it’s a special beach. Find words that rhyme. After reading Project work Find out how many people in the class can swim. What swimming strokes can they do? Where can children learn to swim? Draw pictures of the beach or use photographs. Make an information brochure about the beach using the photographs or drawings. Add a map. Back; Intro; Unit 1; Unit 2; Unit 3; Unit 4; Unit 5; Unit 6; Unit 7; Unit 8; Festivals. A home for Young Learners. Macmillan Young Learners is your gateway to all of our primary and pre-primary ELT courses, and much more!Designed especially for teachers of young learners, discover a world of free resources and fun tools to make your classroom the place to be!

Find out 4 macmillan material photocopiable firefox

Bugs World 5, Macmillan Publishers Limited. PHOTOCOPIABLE 1 Read and complete the sentences. 1 The River Nile is (long) than the Amazon. 2 The Pacifi c Ocean is (big) than the Atlantic Ocean. 3 The Himalaya mountains are (old) than the Alps. 4 The Gobi desert is (small) than the Sahara desert. 2 Read and match. Bugs World 5. Macmillan, — 33 pages Find Out! 4 builds on the language and skills developed in first cycle. Each topic-based unit consists of six pages, including one full-page story and other activities such as songs, vocabulary games, mini-dialogues, tongue-twisters, simple reading texts and . Home-School Connection Pack Topics • School • Places • Activities • Food • Describing people • Jobs • Homes and Furniture • Technology Material on-line para Andalucía incluyendo contenido del Tests & Photocopiable resources CD y del Activity Book de Quest 4. .

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