Datestr to datenum matlab

A few days ago, a reader on StackOverflow asked whether it is possible to improve the performance of Matlab’s built-in datenum function. This question reminded me of a similar case that I answered exactly two years ago, of improving the performance of the built-in ismember function.. In both cases, the solution to the performance question can be found by simply using Matlab’s built-in. Nov 17,  · Star Strider's answer seems like the long way around. JFz, it always helps to provide a short concrete example so people don't have to guess, but it sounds like you have one table with a datenum variable and another with a datestr variable. Nov 15,  · The command datestr and datevec convert datenum values to other date formats. The command datetick writes nice dates instead of serial date numbers to the ticklables of axes.

Datestr to datenum matlab

datestr is one of three conversion functions that enable you to express dates and times in any of three formats in MATLAB: a string (or date string), a vector of date and time components (or date vector), or as a numeric offset from a known date in time (or serial date number). Here is an example of a date and time expressed in the three MATLAB. The longer answer is, Don't use datenum and datestr at all if you can avoid it. Use datetime, no conversion back and forth between number and text necessary. Nov 07,  · I have a problem in a Matlab code. I import dates from excel, then Matlab "reads" them with datestr, but after that, when Matlab convert them to numbers with datenum I have problem. The format of dates are 01/01/ When a day of a date is from 13 of a month till the end of the month Matlab read the day as 06/03/ or 06/04/

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