Apple powerbook g4 linux

Aug 28,  · It has Linux Mint Cinnamon on it which I enjoy quite a bit. Hence my thoughts of installing on the Apple Powerbook G4 tread gently on me, I just about know nothing about Linux other than the Dell Linux Mint runs great, and I can surf the web that is all I use it for. Installing Ubuntu on PowerBook G4. Another option is to boot into OpenFirmware. This can be done by holding down Cmd-Option-O-F as you power on. Once OpenFirmware has started (a white screen with a short message and a simpole prompt) enter the command: boot cd I . Getting the Revival on for Your PowerPC Mac Running Linux What you need to get started depends on what type of optical drive you have in your G4- or G5-based PowerBook or Jeff Butts.

Apple powerbook g4 linux

Dec 20,  · The PowerBook G4 uses a PowerPC chip, which limits your choices a lot (in addition to the limited system memory). The PowerPC version of Mint hasn't been updated in years, but here's a link to the community-maintained Ubuntu PowerPC port: https:/. Aug 01,  · Dronecatcher macrumors Ubuntu is pretty resource hungry - the lightest Linux is probably Debian running Openbox, I did such an install on my PB Personally I found it no quicker than Leopard or Tiger, unless there's an absolute specific need for Linux software I would stick to OSX, particularly Tiger if your PB doesn't have much memory. Linux su Apple PowerBook G4 Per prima cosa non fatevi troppe illusioni sul contenuto di questo post, perchè se è vero che ho fatto qualche prova è altrettanto vero che non ho particolare interesse a usare linux al posto di Mac OS X su questo Badroot.

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LINUX POWERBOOK G4 UPGRADE & install + review of DEBIAN MINTPPC 9 & 11 - 2015, time: 21:26
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