Iv mp 0 1 rc3 games

It turns GTA:IV into an alternative multiplayer game. You can play over the internet (or LAN). You will need the original GTA: MP. ★ CPGW‘s server on iv:mp T3 is still alive and populated! Join us! HOW TO PLAY? NOTICE: SADLY DEVELOPMENT OF IV:MP HAS STOPPED. Вашему вниманию Новая версия IV:MP RC3 Dev это ночная сборка клиента ссылка на скачивание Выше Работает один сервер заходить через Quick connect IP IV:Multiplayer (IV:MP) это неофициальная модификация Grand Theft Auto:IV (GTA:IV), которая. Lieber Grand Theft Auto Fan, wir freuen uns sehr, dass Du zu jotia.info gestoßen bist. Es scheint, als ob Dir diese Seite gefällt. Wir haben auch ein Forum und es würde uns sehr freuen, wenn Du an unserer Community teilnehmen würdest.

Iv mp 0 1 rc3 games

Aug 04,  · Our IV:MP server is still using T3 as the IV:MP developers are supposed to launch a hotfix for the RC1 client, which ought to fix some issues causing frequent crashes. Also, run your client as an Administrator and make sure you've installed XLive(Less), which you can download from the link below with installation instructions. Apr 04,  · IV:MP Beta Tester. Version: RC3. Configs PC: Geforce GT 1GB Core 2 Duo E 2 Gbs ram. HD Gbs. Monitoring, stats, banner and more for your game server. Generate your own live signature of your server.

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IV:MP RC3 DEV R318 Test, time: 27:10
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