Floppy image file vmware

You can create a new floppy image to use for the floppy drive. You can create a new floppy image to use for the floppy drive. Procedure. 1. On the Floppy Drive page, you must select Create a New Floppy Image. 2. On the Properties page, Send feedback to [email protected] Oct 06,  · Use WinImage to create virtual floppy disk. By far the most popular strategy is to use a floppy image file. VMware vSphere supports jotia.info format for floppy . A virtual floppy drive can connect to a physical floppy drive on the host computer, to an existing floppy image file or to a blank floppy image file. Adding a Floppy Drive 1. Open the virtual machine settings editor (VM > Settings) and click Add to start the Add Hardware Wizard. 2. Click Floppy .

Floppy image file vmware

WinImage's jotia.info files can simply be renamed jotia.info and VMware will use them w/o any problems. You can keep jotia.info file type, but then you have to tell VMware to explicitly look for *.IMA files when searching for a floppy image to mount. Create a Floppy Disk Image. Because the Mac does not include a physical floppy drive, and because VMware Fusion supports floppy images only, you must use a USB floppy drive to create floppy images. In Name & Extension, change the file extension jotia.info to . Floppy Disk Drives (FDD) aren't as common today, which presents an obstacle when trying to work with a VMware image that needs to use one. Instead, you'll need to create an FLP file. This is an image of an FDD that VMware can mount and use as if there were an actual floppy disk in .

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